Balances Inspired Design with Business Discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes you different from other design firms?
A: In a word, innovation. We take joy in finding the newest products to be introduced into our projects, giving each one a unique design. At the same time, we are equally focused on our clients’ business goals and timelines.
Q: How do you approach new projects? Whatโ€™s needed to get started?

A: We start by asking a series of questions: Who is the target market? What are the nearby buildings and surrounding area? Who is the competition? If preliminary plans have been generated, thatโ€™s a great start, but we can start with sketches and loose images as well.

Q: What are some things that you consider specifically when designing for senior citizens?

A: When most people think of a senior living facility, drab colors and unpleasant odors often come to mind. Our approach is to make each of these facilities a place people want to call home through stimulating art, beautiful dining rooms and pampering salons. We do this while never losing sight of practical concerns like wheelchair accessibility and stain-resistant fabrics.ย 

Q: Who would be working on my project?

A: Our team consists of several highly qualified and experienced senior level designers as well as support staff. Your project will be assigned to a project manager, who is always overseen by the Principal/Owner Dawn Henderson. Dawn isn’t your typical business owner, as she likes to be a part of every detail. Everyone at HDS collaborates as a team to provide our clients with the best design for their projects.

<br /> Q: Do I need to worry about seeing my design elsewhere?

A: No. HDS never approaches two projects the same way, and we are constantly evolving and discovering new resources. We pride ourselves on designing unique spaces for each and every client. Your finished project will be an original reflection of you and will never be duplicated.ย 

Q: Will HDS make sure that our project is properly space planned?

A: Space planning is a specialty of HDS and the key to a successful property. Every space is intended for a function, and we take great strides to make sure it fulfills that function. To that end, we ask questions like: Is there proper “movability” in this space? Have we provided the customer with all amenities possible, and are we staying ahead of the competition?